Why Believing in God doesn’t make you dumb…


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Why Believing in God doesn’t make you dumb…

Some people might believe that those who believe in God are not intelligent beings, whereas those who believe in God might think non-believers simply haven’t opened their heart to the possibility that there is a God. What wins? The heart or the mind? Logically we know they operate independently and interdependently of each other, so should we separate the experiences or should we learn to co-depend on both experiences.

1. You live in a God Believing Society

For many, in not only the Western World but also the Eastern World, the concept of God is a big deal. The idea of God has been moulded to fit our specific society to what it has become today, with over thousands of years of growth, it has reached this point where the God that is in the bible originally is not the same God that is taught about today. But people do not know this, because they are taught to fear a world without God in it.

2. Your relationship with God is based on Emotional Experience

For you, your relationship with God is an emotional one. You go to him when you are sad, stressed or struggling, and you wholeheartedly believe that he is going to help you in your time of need. If God doesn’t help you immediately, you simply put it down to his timing. If God doesn’t help you at all, you simply put it down as his will. You respond to him with love, because you believe that is what he deserves, because of every other time in your life he has pulled through for you.

3. Nearly Everyone You Know Believes in God, Even those who aren’t Christian

This is kind of linked to the first point, but an expansion of it. If a collective group of people believe in the same thing, and it is a worldwide belief system then there must be some truth to it. If millions and billions of people believe in the same God that you do, then it has to be true.

4. The Preacher at the Pulpit says that God Created Everything, and We have to Trust Him because He is Getting Paid to Preach the Biblical Message to Us

The Preacher at the Pulpit preaches from the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is the book you base your whole life around. You have tried reading other books, but nothing compares to the Holy Book. Anyone who has studied the bible but doesn’t believe in God is not exposed to it truly like you. Furthermore, because you believe that the bible is the truth, you believe every word in the bible is the truth as well, and every verse is God-Inspired. So who are you to question it?

There is a biblical verse which goes as follows:

“The hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshippers will worship the father in spirit and truth, for the father is seeking such people to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth” -John 4:23-24

There is also a biblical verse that says that Jesus himself is the “truth” (John 14:6), so, therefore, you do not have to go looking for any other truth.

5. The Apologists Argue that there IS a God!

There are many well-educated men and woman apologists out there, that say they study the bible objectively. But can you really be an apologist and study the bible objectively without first having an agenda to learn and expose its truth? Therefore the Apologist must be right, because they expose the truth of the Bible to the Believer so that the Believer may know the Whole Truth, and we must believe the Apologist because they are of high academic intelligence.

6. You’re Not a Christian But You Just Feel that There is a God

This one is self-explanatory and doesn’t need expansion, however, you do not have to be a Christian to believe in God, therefore it stands, anyone who has experienced a feeling that they believe to be God, then it must be God because they cannot explain it.

7. God has Supernaturally assisted You and Your Environment

There have been times when without question, something has happened to you, that you knew was from God; Protection from a potential threat, Getting under cover before it rains, being healed by prayer, finding the person you love, being free from addiction. You cannot explain it, but if it were not for God’s help, circumstances might be different.


I know, these are not really convincing points, I get it. But just because I now hold the belief that there is no God/s, that doesn’t mean I have become more intelligent than someone who believes in God. It just means that I applied logic to my belief system instead of emotion. I chose the voice of reason, instead of the voice of opinion. I chose to view the hard evidence, the facts, and once I started applying logic to my belief system, that is when it all made sense. Everything that I had to learn through my BTh Degree, everything I had researched myself, and everything that I had experienced in a Christian Environment, revealed to me that the only logical truth is, that the Bible is man-made. But for those who believe in God, it doesn’t mean that they are unintelligent, and maybe they will never know the truth their whole lives, but it does mean that they will never know unless they open their minds. Your heart brain is not in your chest, your heart brain is in the same place your logic brain is in… your head. The two have to work interdependently, not separately. But for those who choose to believe in God, I do not think you are unintelligent, I just don’t think you give yourself enough credit because your beliefs tell you to give all the credit to God.




Shepherd’s Pie, Cottage Pie or Gardeners Pie?


Sheperd’s Pie, Cottage Pie or Gardener’s Pie?

When I think of a hearty British dinner, I think of Sheperd’s Pie… wait, I mean, I think of Cottage Pie. Wait what is the difference between the two? And what the heck is a Gardener’s Pie? Historically, a Cottage Pie was the name given to those who began to use potatoes as an edible crop affordable to the poor, and the name Shepherds Pie was used as an alternative name. Before this, however, cooks used any leftover meat they could find and then lined both the sides of dishes as well as the top when creating the pie. Below I have listed one key difference between each pie, and it lies in the protein used, as well as provide a basic recipe which can be used as a basis for any of the pie’s whichever one you choose to cook.

Sheperd’s Pie

A typical Sheperd’s Pie consists of a Lamb’s Mince as the main protein, mixed vegetables, and herbs, the mashed potato, and topped with cheese.

Cottage Pie

A typical Cottage Pie consists of Beef Mince as the main protein, mixed vegetables, and herbs, then mashed potato and topped with cheese.

Gardener’s Pie

A typical Gardener’s Pie is ideal if you follow a Vegan/ Vegetarian Diet, and is made up of Lentils and Other Vegetables, then mashed potato and topped with a Vegan Cheese.


Utensils Used
Large/ Medium or Small Baking Dish
Wooden Spatula or Mixing Spoon
Chopping Board for Vegetables/ Potatoes
Sharp Knife
Potato Peeler (can be replaced with a knife and fast, steady skill)
Vegetable Strainer
Mixing Bowl (can be replaced with anything with Tall Sides)
Potato Masher (can be replaced with a Fork and a Strong Arm)
Fry Pan

Basic Ingredients Used
Mixed Herbs
Mixed Vegetables
Gravy (My Favourite is Golden Fry’s)
Olive Oil

Shepherds Pie Ingredients
500gm Lamb Mince
Any Cheese

Cottage Pie Ingredients
500gm Beef Mince
Any Cheese

Gardener’s Pie Ingredients
500gm Green Lentils (must be set aside in warm water overnight or up 3 hours before cooking)
Mushrooms (can be substituted for eggplant or courgette)
Vegan Cheese or Lactose-Free Cheese
Bay Leaves
Worcestershire Sauce
Tomato Puree
Nutritional Yeast
Almond Milk
Vegetable Stock


  1. Peel, Chop and Rinse Desired amount of Potatoes
    1. Place in a Pot on the Stove and Boil
    2. Ensure there are enough potatoes to cover the top of your pie
  2. Chop Onion, pour Olive Oil into Fry Pan, add the garlic and ginger if you like
    1. If you are cooking the Gardeners Pie, then add mushrooms and carrots at this stage 
    2. Place on stove and fry on high until lightly browned
    3. Add water into the pot and leave it on high until the water has evaporated, if cooking a Gardeners Pie add mixed herbs and bay leaves
    4. If you are using fresh vegetables start preparing them while your water is bubbling away in the pan
  3. Once all the water is evaporated add your mince and cook evenly
    1. If you are cooking the Gardeners Pie, add the stock, lentils, Worcestershire sauce and tomato puree (if you’re wondering the amount, it should be a splash of Worcestershire, about 3 Big Tablespoons of Puree and the stock should completely cover everything in the pan, but not drown it)
    2. For the Shepherds Pie and the Cottage Pie, add the mixed vegetables after the mince is evenly cooked. They can be frozen vegetables if it is easier. I usually add about 2 cups of mixed vegetables and my favourite are, cabbage, broccoli, carrot (sliced), peas and corn.
      1. Cook everything evenly
      2. At this stage, you can choose to add your golden fry’s gravy if you like or you can wait till the next step. If you do add your gravy now, mix it through thoroughly, and if it becomes stodgy add a splash of water to the pan, and mix it through again.
  4. Once the Potatoes are all boiled through, drain them, and then mash as you desire.
    1. Preheat your oven to 180 Degrees Celsius
    2. I like to add a whole heap of butter, Olive Oil Based Butter is my favourite, but you can make it however it suits you.
    3. Mash the Potatoes really well, and check for flavour, I don’t recommend adding anything to the Mashed potato, but if you want to you can, some ingredients that can be added for extra flavour are:
      1. sugar
      2. thickened cream
      3. milk
    4. If you are making a Gardeners Pie, then use the Almond Milk to Mash your Potatoes. Add a bit of Nutritional Yeast for a Cheese-Like Flavour.
  5. Drop some Olive Oil into your cooking dish and spread about the whole inside of the dish
    1. Place the Mince Mixture inside the dish and spread and flatten out evenly
      1. Place the Mash Potato on top of the Mince Mixture evenly and be careful not to mix the two, it is to be separately placed on top. Flatten the Mash Potato and pat down over the sides.
      2. Sprinkle your cheese all over the top of the pie, or Nutritional Yeast if you chose to cook the Gardeners Pie.
  6. Cook Pie until the cheese is crispy and Golden (not brown and black, hehe)
    1. usually takes about 10-20 minutes.
  7. Remove Pie from the Oven and Serve.

I realise that the Gardeners Pie is a little more complicated than the Cottage and Shepherds Pie, and if you have any trouble with it, there are simple guidelines all over the internet, but my aim was to provide a base for any of the three, and if you like to experiment maybe you can somehow do that, and share it with us! I love experimenting so if there is a secret recipe of Shepherds or Cottage or Gardeners Pie, please do not be afraid to share it, as I am no expert, I am simply a Home Cook, that tries to find simple ways to cook hearty food, and enjoy the process!


Some notes I wrote myself, when I was contemplating telling my christian friend, I was now an Atheist…

paper and pen

Some notes I wrote myself, when I was contemplating telling my christian friend, I was now an Atheist… Spoiler Alert: I didn’t tell her.


“I am an Atheist Now.

I wasn’t looking to become an Atheist. I was looking to Prove God, and in order to prove God I had to get into the mindset of someone who doesn’t believe in God, so that I could convince them of his reality, and how important it was to accept Jesus into your heart. No matter how patient I needed to be with someone, how long it took, I wanted to know why Atheists believe what they did, and why my God was more true than the God of Islam, or hinduism.

I was presented with some very logical facts that I could not refute, and they answered the question to every single argument I have. I searched for answers for someone refuting these arguments, but all I found were opinions. There was no solid evidence against these arguments.

At first I was annoyed, then I was dumbfounded. It was like a euphoric experience, which is hard to explain. It felt like a spell being lifted off me. Of course, not only was my relationship with god debunked, but so was all religion, and all gods, and all magic. Even magic was taken away from me. All Spirituality. Astrology even, isn’t based on scientific evidence, just patterns. And it is only about 12,000 years old, compared to a world that is millions of years old.

Surprisingly it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After I got through the first week, I realised I was no longer afraid of the prospect of hell. Also the reality of how precious our life here on earth hit me as well. Then I became mad at how much money, time, energy and resources I felt I had waisted at church. And I became angry at the thought of people putting their money into the offering every week. I then became mad at religion entirely, for making people believe they are worthless without a creator. I then realised how religion was the cause of nearly every issue in the world, suicide, homophobia, murder, mental health issues, wars.

But I also realised, one morning as I woke up, I cannot teach a bible that is man made. The whole point of me studying theology, was so that I could better the kingdom of God, and teach others in a unique way, the truth of the bible. Until I found out the truth of the bible for myself.

So I decided to do something that I have wanted to do for 10 years, but never told anyone, because Caryn got bullied at church because of it. I decided to quit Theology and study Naturopathy. I wasn’t concerned with all the spirituality side of it, because now, I can see that spirituality was invented. But I can practice methods that have helped people throughout centuries, get back to the nature of being human.

I no longer feel like I have anything to answer for in this world, and while it may seem like I have no purpose, the opposite is true. I feel like now, I have more of a purpose, and more of a responsibility, to live this one life I have well, and enjoy it as much as I can. Because now I realise… I don’t get a second chance…this is the only one.

I hope you understand…



5 Things About Christians that Might Shock You…


5 Things About Christians That Might Shock You…

For those of you have read my very first blog post, you might have learnt about the struggle I was having with my spiritual path a few months ago. I was being pulled between two directions, the path of witchcraft, which seemed so natural and attractive, or the path of Christianity, which is a belief I had held since I was 7 years old. Well, it might surprise you to know that I have now chosen neither and that my brain can only logically choose the path of no god/s, or spiritual system. This wasn’t something I was looking for, but it was something that I had come across, and after the reasoning was delivered to me, I had no logical argument to refute it (the reality that there is no god). It is the most challenging concept I had ever been presented and yet, it was also the most freeing feeling I had ever experienced. While I’m not someone to evangelise to the lost and convert them to realisation that there is no god, I thought it would be interesting for those of you who have never experienced what life is like as an Evangelical, Fundamental, Pentecostal Christian, to learn some of the beliefs I previously held, that might otherwise shock some of you, or not, some of you might already suspect some of these things.

1. They Don’t Call Their Beliefs Religion But a “Relationship”

As a Christian, I was taught that I was not to call my Christianity a religion, because religiosity was a tradition, and as modern Christians we were to separate ourselves from tradition, in order to appeal to a new generation of people that were perhaps not excited by the idea of attending a Sunday church service. We were to evangelise to our friends and family members about how we have a relationship with God and how our loved ones should have one too. I never thought I had an imaginary friend as a child, but only now I realise I had one for a very long time.

2. Their Relationship with God is Very, Very Real… To Them.

Like we know gravity is the reason we stay grounded on earth, it is the same as a Christian and their relationship with God. For example, general knowledge allows us to understand that Gravity is real, even though we cannot see it, we have full understanding that as a result of Gravity we are able to live on the earth, however not many people can explain the physics of how this concept works. It is the same as the Christian who has a relationship with God, they can explain to you with full understanding their very real relationship with God, but they cannot explain how the physics of the concept works. And if you were to tell the Christian that their relationship with God isn’t real, it would be like telling anyone on this earth, that Gravity isn’t real. It is a foreign concept, one that they will not let in. I could expand on this point, but it would take too long.

3. They Believe That The Bible is The Literal, Breathing Word of God

It isn’t simply a history book or man-made material, it is the breath of life, the life of God, and in it, holds the power of God ready to transform your life. This isn’t a joke, these are the words I have heard preached from the platform many times and is probably one of the reasons why people believe this to be true. When you hear something enough times, you begin to believe it to be the truth. That means that Christians believe every single word in the bible to be God-breathed, even the murder, the rape, the genocide, the war-mongering, the polygamy, everything. It is not for the faint hearted the bible, and many Christians are even proud when a bloody biblical scene makes it to the big screens of Hollywood. Just be prepared for many Christians to contradict themselves when trying to explain the many inconsistencies in the bible.

4. They Believe That Anyone Who Isn’t “Saved” Like Them, is Going Straight To Hell

Yup, that’s right. Even your nicest Christian friend, who doesn’t mind if you’re gay, pregnant outside of marriage, divorced or a woman, they still think you’re going straight to hell unless you accept Jesus into your heart.

5. They Believe the Only True Way to Get to Heaven Is By Saying a Prayer

The true way to get into heaven and to be called a believer is by saying a prayer called the “Salvation Prayer”. By saying this prayer, you are making a commitment to walking with Jesus, and you are calling him Lord and Saviour in your life. It is a bit like saying an oath or making marriage vows. Once you’ve said this prayer, you are then taken into a separate room, where they can record your name and number, and any other contact details down, and then explain to you how your name is now written in the “Lambs Book of Life”. Then that’s it. You officially saved from the pits of hell, in case you didn’t know that’s where you were headed in the afterlife. That goes to say you don’t muck up somewhere along the way, then you might have to “recommit” your life to god, and say the salvation prayer again. I should also mention the fact that while you can say the salvation prayer anywhere, if you do manage to go to a church service, and they ask you to pray the prayer of salvation, it is most likely you will have to say it in front of everyone else there, if they are not already saying it along with you. And every prayer of salvation is recorded… every single one.

Okay, that’s it then. What do you think? Is there anything in there that you were surprised about? Or is there anything in there that you thought was challenging? I do not intend to offend anyone, although I think that this might appear offensive to my many cChristianfriends and family, who do not know that I no longer hold the same beliefs as them anymore. I hope that this was a little informative, just in case you were considering becoming a born-again christian. Please don’t be like me, get other opinions, ask questions, and don’t do anything if you’re being forced into it, and also don’t give your money away at church. Have an amazing weekend everyone!


To buy a curry mix, or to make one?


To Buy a Curry Mix or To Make One?

I promised a couple of weeks back, in my first cooking post that I would share some of my favourite curry mixes, or how to make your own. To be honest though, the pre-made ones are amazing! Also I see nothing wrong with buying pre-made mixes, regardless of if you want to save time, or you want to experience the richness of making your own. But I will share my favourite mixes below, and how to make the sauces, and these are just the few that I enjoy, there are plenty more curry mixes out there than just the few I list. I will advise you though, I am not one to measure amounts, unless necessary, so I very rarely measure how much spice I am putting into a curry sauce, I will usually just base it off the colour, and the flavour. If you ever get confused though, usually all pre-made mixes will have a recipe guide somewhere on the packaging that you can follow. I have a sort of long guide on how the curry making process in a separate post, so this is just the sauce, not the whole meal.

Pre-Made Mixes

Global Foods, Global Powder, Mild Malay

Keens Traditional Curry Powder

Five Tastes, Thai Red Curry Paste

Kan Tong, Thai Green Curry Paste

Spices & Other Ingredients

Cumin or Cumin Seeds
Chilli Powder, Salt, Flakes
All Spice
Celery Powder
Salt & Pepper
Garam Masalla

Other Ingredients
Garlic Minced
Ginger Minced
Lemon and/or Lime
Apple Cider Vinegar
Onion (Brown)
Spring Onion
Thickened Cooking Cream
Coconut Cream

Making the Sauce

  1. Start by chopping your onion. Not thick, not thin, roughly slice it, and then if your onion is large, slice those again into halves. If you are concerned with your eyes being sensitive to the onion juices, I will do a post in the future that may help with tear prevention when chopping onions.
  2. Toss some oil, or whichever oil you are using into the pan, I usually use Extra Virgin Olive Oil otherwise known as EVOO.
  3. Toss your onions into the pan, and then add your desired amount of Ginger and Garlic. I usually do one big scoop of minced ginger and two big scoops of garlic. I then finely dice a chilli, very finely, and I remove the seeds, but you are welcome to keep yours in for extra spice if you want. You can also add Cumin in at this stage if you like, and if you are working with any particular spice you can add that in, but I choose not to add in any spices at this stage. Place fry pan on the element and turn the element onto HIGH Temperature.
  4. Lightly Brown your onions and garlic, ensuring that your element is on HIGH only until the Onion is lightly fried, then turn your element down to MED/LOW, and add a splash of water into your pan. This stage really depends on you, and how much water you want in your pan, but I fill the pan with water, until the onions are drowned, and then I boil it, until the water is evaporated.
  5. Once I can see that the water is mostly evaporated I add my spice in, so this could be the Mild Malay or Throwing together some spices from the list above, depending on what I have available. I mix it into the onion mixture, until it looks like a paste, and then I add my cream.
  6. Add a little acidity into the dish, with maybe a couple of drops of Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV, or you can slice half a lemon and squeeze some lemon juice in, or just use a pre-packaged lemon juice. Stir it in well!
  7. I let this simmer only for a minute or two, before completing my meal.

This recipe, will produce a slightly spicy dish, if you want it more spicy, add some chilli flakes, and chilli spice, if you want it less spicy, then maybe just stick to a plain curry powder. This is my favourite curry mixture, but some curries you can just use water instead of cream, like Butter Chicken. I don’t add any salt in until the end, when I am serving my meal, but you can if the flavour suits you. I usually use a Pink Himalayan Salt.


I will soon be on an important mission to lose some hormonal weight, through Dr. Michael Mosley’s 5:2 Fast Diet, which hopefully will work, so I will have to say good bye to some of the hearty recipes that I usually cook. This is much needed, but will still be quite a task, as we are headed into Autumn, which means wholesome food, thick soups, warmer dishes, and as I try to adjust to the traditional seasonal celebrations, and figure out my spiritual path, I will be missing a lot of hearty dishes which I regularly cook. I have always wanted to celebrate the seasons as they were meant to be celebrated, but have always followed the path the Northern Hemisphere take, but seen as our whole country is situated in the Southern Hemisphere, I will try my best to follow the earths path, and remain tuned into natures delightful patterns.


Full Moon in Virgo, Super Snow Moon February 19th 2019, Sharing my Tarot Card Personal Reading


Full Moon in Virgo, Super Snow Moon February 19th 2019, Sharing My Tarot Card Personal Reading

The Tarot I have no idea how to use them, I only started incorporating it into my routine at the beginning of the new year, as well as astrology and learning about the moon phases, and continuing to explore this deep fascination with witch craft I have had since I was a child, but have denied for many years, I have noticed it has become very popular in recent years, and becoming more openly spoken about. I will post my journey in other blog posts, so that my new followers can get a better understanding of who they are following. These posts I will only share my personal tarot card readings, again, I have no idea how to use them, I have only watched a few documentaries and read a few studies on them, but interpreting the Tarot Cards is not something I have am particularly skilled at, so please bare with me, as I learn on this journey. I will write out the explanations of the cards I pulled, and what message they are for, but my interpretation might not be fully grasped. I will also leave links to all the websites that I have gotten my information from.

Full Moon in Virgo

Some notes I have taken while listening to Wonder Girl Astrology on her You Tube Video “LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT IS OVER!! Full Moon in Virgo February 2019 Astrology Horoscope”. Please watch the video for an in-depth understanding of the astrology forecast for Full Moon in Virgo, February 19, 2019. 

“Our life is going to be different in a very practical way, get rid of an old way of living, and prepare for a new set of routines. Begin to live a new life that is way more authentic for you. How can you bring more stability to your life? This is the change that you need, and that you have been waiting for, for so long. Your old life HAD to end, as it did not work for you, but this new life, is better for you, that you finally do want, and now you have to commit to this new life and move forward with it. Your relationships and your money have to change with you, as you have to make life long commitments to these changes, and they will probably be unlike anything that you’ve done in the past. You HAVE to let yourself TRANSFORM in a very practical way. It is time for you to get a handle on your emotional “stuff”, there is a time astrologically where you can get your needs met, to receive more stability in your life, to live a more secure life. Virgo is a very transparent sign, no poker face, everything IS. If you’re body, mind and soul are not on the same page, or aligned, this full moon is saying get all the pieces together, become more aligned, rearrange everything finally, in the right way. We are trying to make sense of things logically, that need to be made sense of spiritually. Things are to awaken that were once dead, are to be brought back to life, in a subtle way, a background awakening. Conversations may be very confusing at this time, communication about deeply personal, intimate and private may be difficult, at this time it is important to trust your intuition. A lot of us are going through a huge spiritual awakening, and it is important to trust your intuition, and give yourself the time and space, being compassionate with yourself, and know that things are going to make sense in the end, and things will work out. You don’t have to know how you’re going to get there, all you have to know is that you cannot stay where you’ve been, doing what you’ve done, and know that the vision of your destination is become clearer, and continue to head towards that vision. Our spirit and soul know clearly, but our logical mind does not. We could want to have all the answers, but logically at the moment we do not, so try things with vulnerability and humility. Don’t act like you have all the answers. We are in unknown territory, doing things we have never done in a million years, not knowing what to do, but we will get there”. 

Tarot Reading for Super Snow Moon February, 19th, 2019


Where You Stand Now
The Nine of Wands

Key Words: Resilience, Courage, Persistence, Test of Faith, Boundaries
Zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 
Element: Fire

Description: The Nine of Wands Tarot Card is one that symbolizes great hope even when one is faced by many problems that threaten to make them lose their balance. The Nine of Wands symbolizes one’s life, which has undergone too many trials but through their determination and will, they were able to overcome them. These won battles are symbolized by the eight upright wands; however there are still more trials that the person may face. This can be one major trial or challenge that they are supposed to face for them to reach their goals or be successful in their quest. The card is a sign of hope and encouragement that you should face your trials with courage so that you may attain success.

The Nine of Wands may also mean that a person has been betrayed and has thus become mistrustful towards others. This may be because of something that has happened a number of times, and might on the first glance seem hopeless. But there is also hope and courage here, and the belief that this outlook is about to change. Someone or Something may come into their life that will change their whole view of their past struggles. It encourages one to take that risky move because they may be surprised.


What You Aspire To
The Four of Wands

Key Words: Celebration, Joy, Relaxation, Homecoming, Harmony, Community
Zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 
Element: Fire

Description: The overall meaning of the Four of Wands is that it heralds celebration as well as a harmonious, happy and relaxed home environment. In terms of numerology, the number four symbolizes stability as well as particularly reliable foundations. These are associated with a period of happiness and balance.

The symbolism within the Four of Wands poses that this is the perfect time for you to get together with close people such as friends and family. This could be with or without any special occasion. Oftentimes the care is known to reflect a period of holidays when you are together with your friends and family for an extended period of time. It might also be suggesting for you to invite your closest friends for a great and intimate dinner and share a laugh or two.

Furthermore, if you have been working on a certain project, this card entails that you will be reaching a particularly important milestone. This is going to provide you with grounds for celebration which is also to be considered. You have managed to complete a proper and paramount phase of that project, and meaning you have every reason to be feeling proud and satisfied, which are amongst the general feelings induced and reflected by the Four of Wands Card.


How To Get There
The Four of Swords

Key Words: Rest, Relaxation, Meditation, Contemplation, Recuperation, Restoration
Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Element: Air

Description: After the time of chaos, anger and pain depicted in the Three of Swords, the Four of Swords can signal that it is time to retreat. The Four of Swords is a moment of rest. Whether this is from a choice to withdraw, or whether it is from pure exhaustion, it is not clear. We are still tender from the wounds that were inflicted, and the battle weapons still hang above us as a grim reminder of what was lost. In order to continue and re-emerge in your daily life, you must take the time now to take a breather. There is always the faint fear that something more is bound to happen again and it is advisable that you take all chances to rest.

You need to gain strength and clarity in a quiet environment away from your current circumstances. It is time to re-evaluate, organise and understand your priorities. This helps to rejuvenate one’s spirit, and you come out stronger than before.

The Four of Swords indicates it is time to gather new strength and prepare to face a new challenge. You have faced crisis after crisis, and it is wearing you out. You can face a new challenge only after getting away from everything and embracing a new atmosphere.

Take the time to nurture yourself to re-enter life. Within us glimmers hope, and it lies quietly, waiting to reveal itself after we are healed anew.

My Interpretation

Already this reading resonates with me, however it might be a few years old. It was about 2015, I had to pull out of life, not because I was depressed, but because my body physically couldn’t do anything. My ability to walk was completely gone (this fact and not metaphor) and my body was no longer healing itself, everything in my being was forcing me to rest, and I was only 23/24 years of age. I had already gone through immense physical and emotional battles, several rounds of burn out, and my body, mind and soul had just had enough… it needed a break, and I had no one to force me or guide through this break, it was time for me to learn how to look after myself, but properly. In the coming weeks I will share of my story for my followers, and then this reading would make more sense, as it is deeply personal. As for the Aspiration Card that was pulled, the Four of Wands, couldn’t be more accurate. All I want, all I dream about, all I aspire for, is to have a home I can call my own, to have friends and a family to share it with, of course I have my own family, but I am not married, and I have no children, and to have that life, I believe will bring so much health and vitality to my life. I am not naïve to know that having your own family comes with it’s own sets of problems, but even having my own home as a single person, would be a fulfillment for me. And when I think of that aspiration, I think of it as a “start”, not a final destination. I understand I am only looking at the positives of these cards, but honestly, I think it is about that time I start looking for the positives, and start working towards a better future. Also I understand there are bigger problems going on in the world, than just my own, so I would like to take a moment to acknowledge that, and hopefully bring into my thoughts those who don’t even have the privilege and freedom to dream of a future.

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How to Move On After A Story Has Ended…

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How to Move on After a Story has Ended

Have you ever watched a television series or read a book series, not expecting to become so engrossed in the lives of the characters, only to have your world changed completely when the story has finished, and you are left by the sad realisation that the story you have been apart of, has suddenly come to an end?

You don’t realise how much you’re going to miss the characters in the stories you have been apart of, almost like you have lived the stories with them, like you have walked the path with them, like you understand the characters better than they know themselves.

I recently finished a television series that I only chose to put on, because I wanted some background noise while I was working on my laptop, but I still wanted it entertaining enough to keep me inspired as I was working. Unfortunately, my goal was to put it on to keep me mildly distracted, except what turned into a mild distraction grew into a 2 week obsession, where I had to watch every episode in between every break, until the breaks became longer, and the story I was immersed in, invaded not only my waking life but my dream life also. The characters that started off as strangers, slowly became friends, until eventually they became my family and I was theirs, and we were on this wild adventure together. Except for one significant difference… I was not apart of the story at all… and everything I was apart of wasn’t real, and all the adventures I had been on were not my adventures at all… it was all in my imagination, or to be more precise… it was all on a television screen.

Sometimes the stories you are apart of have a happy, satisfying ending, so as not too destroy the hearts of all those involved. Other times, the stories know how to completely devastate you, bring about your death, revive you… only to result in your second death, suck the life out of you, leaving you with barely any hope left, until finely your heart is ripped from your chest, and you are left, expected to move on in your life afterwards. After all, the world is still spinning, the day is another day, the sun still rises, and all that you thought you were apart of was in fact… a fairy tale. This kind of sounds like heart break, doesn’t it?

In fact it very well could be, and for someone who is a Pisces Rising and a Libra Sun… I am a complete Blubber Ball (crying mess) if I see or even hear the pain of others, as if it were my own pain. Don’t feel sorry for me though… I am still a Sagittarius Moon, and am capable of having little to no sympathy for people that I feel need to “get over it” as they say, but it is difficult when those characters you knew so well, leave your life forever, as if they were right by your side, day in and day out, and then suddenly vanished.

Then once you’re obsession with the story subsides, and you realise the characters in your television show are actors… you want to continue to view them, as if a shadow of their role in your world still remains in every character they might play afterwards. You search for a happy ending for the actors at least, but what you find is the sad realisation that after such big roles, the actors who embodied the characters you have come to love, have been struggling for the better part of the last few years being constantly rejected from major roles, trying their hardest not to ride off the fame that their strong characters once gifted them with. Or the Story Books, you find the Author, to see if they have spoken about the characters in a positive light, giving you any insight they can into how the characters are…. personally…

So How do you get over the Break Up of Series End? How do you navigate the After Math of a Story Ended? Well…. much faster than you would if it were a reality. Here are some points that may help you… or they may not… it is up to you if you choose to use them or not. Have they been effective for me? In the past I have not used these tips at all, but it is possible that I will use them this time around.

  1. Do your aftermath research (Social Media’s, google any news surrounding the cast or characters etc;), and then leave it at that… do not continue to spend days or weeks, finding all the information you can on the actors or author, to find their reasons for things.. leave things as they are.
  2. Find out the actors names or the authors names, so in the future were you to meet them, or were you to write them a letter, you can thank them for the role they played in the story they told. If they are to rebut you, do not see this as an insult, but rather thank them anyway, and leave them be. You could also do your best to share their talent with the world via social media if you would like to see more of them on the big screen so that they are able to receive more work. Of course in a legal, non-invasive way.
  3. Write a Review on your blog, or on a review website, and give the stories a rating, allowing others to see the impact the stories and characters had on you.
  4. Watch or Read the Daily News, it may not be something you like to do… but it will bring your head out of the clouds, and help you to become more grounded, as the realities of a world still spinning re enter your mind.
  5. DURING (WHILE YOU’RE STILL WATCHING OR READING THE SERIES): Try your hardest NOT to binge watch, try and only watch 1 or 2 episodes at a time, this way the ending won’t be AS painful.
  6. Realise that it wasn’t real, you’re not really in love with the main characters, they are not really you’re family, they are not really you’re best friends… and it’s time to move on to a new series…
  7. Know that you may always be a fan, and always feel like the stories were real, but know that they aren’t, so that you can live your own story, and live your own adventures, and let your life become a long, epic story, with a much more amazing ending.